Installation Packages

Your choice of installation options.

From portable solutions to fixed-position solutions, the possibilities for installations are endless. Whatever the choice will be, the transducer must remain in the water at all times due to overheating - it MUST remain in the water when powered on.

We strongly recommend installation done by our team of trained professionals.

Please contact us for more information on installations.

What's the best solution for you?

When the yacht is away for longer times, it's best to choose a portable system and take it with you on the ship. Wherever your yacht is anchored or moored, the H2O BoatCare System is always available.

In the case that your yacht is at the dock or in a slip most of the time, a fixed mount solution at the quay of the harbour is best. Just float away with the yacht and when you return and dock again, you have the H2O BoatCare without any worries.