Tests & Results

Results After Using The H2O BoatCare System

A cleaner ship, less fuel consumption (In case of a polluted hull the savings can certainly rise up to at least 20%!), less toxins in the water because anti-fouling isn't necessary every year and it's not necessary to lift the ship every year for cleaning and new anti-fouling. The vibrations are not harmful to fish and amphibians. In fact harmfull parasites are also contested. So an environmentally friendly and sustainable method to keep the ship clean. Of course in the places where the vibrations cannot come there is a possibility some algae will occur. That is what we call the working of the shadow. But the ship stays as well as clean.

Because of serious layer on the screw, many ships do not planish anymore as the season progresses. The action of the H2O BoatCare System also solves that problem.


After 6 weeks in the water without H2O BoatCare


After 6 weeks in the water using H2O BoatCare