The H2O BoatCare System

The must-have weapon in the battle against the growth of algae, barnacles & other micro-organisms on the hull of your boat or yacht.

The H2O BoatCare System is an environmentally-friendly device that effectively fights the problem of algae and barnacle growth on your boat or yacht. The system’s ultrasonic sound vibrations create a virtual barrier around your hull, eliminating the need for monthly scrubbing and reducing the need for annual haul-outs and anti-fouling paint applications. Long-term use can result in significant fuel and maintenance savings.

The system consists of a control box and a transducer; with the transducer being placed at the stern of your ship just below the lowest point of your hull, props or rudders in the water. The result is a cleaner hull that is free of barnacles & algae, less fuel consumption and less chemicals in the water due to new anti-fouling coatings and monthly maintenance.


H2O BoatCare System Transducer, Control Box & Power Cords

The Technique Behind The H2O BoatCare System

The H2OBoatCare System was developed from an old idea of controlling algae by using sound vibrations. This old technique was based on sound waves generated by a small speaker that was packed in a stainless steel casing. The end result was causing what was known as sonication; the vibrations of the cell of the algae makes it tear and die. The effect was noticeable, but minimal at best.

Looking for a way to harness this technology and amplify it, we developed a new technique using ultrasonic sound waves that would generate cavitation; a process by which the small vacuum bubbles created by our system implode.

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