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H2O BoatCare FL Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 2/27/2018 – H2O BoatCare FL. (, a marine industry supplier in Florida, announces today it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Florida with H2O BoatCare US, Inc. for their H2O BoatCare System line of products.

Under the terms of the agreement, H2O BoatCare FL will be the exclusive Florida distributor for the H2O BoatCare System existing and future line of products. The H2O BoatCare System is a tool to fight the problem of algae and barnacle growth on the hull of your boat or yacht. The system consists of a control box and a transducer; with the transducer being placed at the stern of your ship just below the lowest point of your hull, props or rudders in the water. The result is a cleaner hull that is free of barnacles & algae, less fuel consumption and less chemicals in the water due to new anti-fouling coatings and monthly maintenance.

“After conducting several salt water and fresh water product trials here in Florida waters, we’re ready to begin sales and distribution throughout the entire state” said company President, Jon Juriga. “The constant problem of barnacles, algae and other micro organisms for boat and yacht owners in Florida can get quite expensive to clean up after. If you take into consideration the cost of monthly divers, annual haul out & cleaning costs as well as fuel consumption running with a dirty hull, you can see real cost-savings in the first year alone.”

The H2O BoatCare System can be installed by two methods; mounted on the dock where your boat is moored or hung from your transom/swim platform. The unit is not directly mounted on your boat, so when underway the system would be detached.

The distribution agreement may be expanded with additional products and territories in the future. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About H2O BoatCare FL:
Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, H2O BoatCare FL is a family-owned and operated business serving the marine industry throughout the state of Florida. To learn more about the H2O BoatCare System, joining our team, or to book a product demo, please contact Jon Juriga at 954-302-3895 or; email at, or visit our website at