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    40′ Harbor Master

    Our customer Dave had received one of our direct mail pieces in July and it got him thinking about how dirty his hull is and how much he pays the divers every month. After our initial consult with Dave, he informed us he had just purchased a 40' Harbor Master and wanted to know if our system was a good fit for him. After reviewing pictures of his new boat, we decided that it was a perfect fit for him and traveled to Port Charlotte where the boat was to make it all happen. Below is a timeline of concept to finished product and subsequent water test.
    • 10/28/2018 Week 5 Checkup

      Week five pictures and footage from the GoPro showed the hull, props, shafts & rudders were free of barnacles. There is a little algae growth in some areas, but this is normal. The boat has not moved in the five weeks since beginning this case study. The H2O BoatCare System is working as expected.

    • 10/13/2018 Week 3 Checkup

      Thinking by week three there would be a decent amount of growth, we traveled back to get some pictures and footage with the GoPro. Just like after one week; the hull, props, shafts & rudders were free of barnacles and algae. Take note of how dirty the pole, swive plate and transducer is. For maintenance, we removed from the receiver hitch and washed down and scrubbed. There was a good amount of algae and barnacle growth had begun.

    • 9/30/2018 Week 1 Checkup

      We traveled back to the Estero Island Yacht & Racquet Club to get some pictures and footage with the GoPro. Much to our satisfaction after the first video, the hull, props, shafts & rudders were free of barnacles and algae. Overwhelming success, again!

    • 9/23/2018 In the Water

      The boat was put in the water today and will begin its 1 day trip through the locks and down the river to the Estero Yacht & Racquet Club. The H2O BoatCare System is ready to drop in once at home.

    • 9/1/2018 Installation

      While the boat was on the hard in Port Charlotte, FL, we installed a custom receiver bracket to the swim platform so the product rod could hang from it. Survey of the boat includes new anti-fouling, polished and coated props and spotless shafts and rudders.

    • 8/8/2018 Concept & Design

      After reviewing boat schematics and measurements, we decided on a swim platform mount area so The H2O BoatCare System could hang off the back. For this install, we used 316 stainless steel, master welder and an impeccable polishing job.