Why The H2O BoatCare System is Right For You

Introducing an Eco-friendly Solution That Keeps Your Hull Free of Algae, Barnacles & Other Micro-Organisms

We don't have to tell you what a difficult, expensive and time-consuming job it is to clean a hull. You know that from experience.

That's precisely why you should know about our revolutionary product, The H2O BoatCare System. It is an environmentally-friendly device that effectively fights the problem of algae and barnacle growth on your boat or yacht. The system’s ultrasonic sound vibrations create a virtual barrier around your hull, eliminating the need for monthly scrubbing and reducing the need for annual haul-outs and anti-fouling paint applications. Long-term use can result in significant fuel and maintenance savings.

Most importantly, The H2O BoatCare System has been tested in Florida waters, both fresh and saltwater, and found to be in 100% working order.

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